about fredrik rødland

main interests: computers, photography and family life

born december 15th 1970 in oslo, norway. spent the first few (8) years in waterloo, belgium. returning to norway i attended the french school in oslo for 5 years. after finishing high-school at stabekk vgs in 1989, i spent two years in the norwegian army (cavalry) at bsk at trandum – the school later changed both it’s name to bskamp and location to rena. i spent a year at romerike folkehøgskole, a one-year education, specializing on performing arts – mostly to abreact after two years in the army – i just had to get some other impulses.

i started at the norwegian institute of technology (ntnu) in 1992, and graduated december 1997 with a major in electronics. in addition to studies i was very much involved in various student-society activities in trondheim: sit and uka at samfundet. i started working as a consultant at telenor mobil for a small company called aston technology, programming mostly java. after some years we decided to start stocknet, norway’s second internet-stock-broker. launched fall 1999, the company has grown to become norway’s largest internet-broker, and we’ve started branches in denmark, germany, and sweden. the company was sold to the swedish company nordnet in the summer of 2004.

i married mona in august of 1997, and we got our son martin – in december 2001. from 1997 to the spring of 2003 we lived downtown oslo, in hegdehaugsveien, in an apartment, which we loved very much. however having a little boy growing up, we decided that he’d probably be better of living outside the downtown area, so we bought a house at høvik. the last year we’ve totally renovated the house, painting all walls, fixed new floors, and created a whole new kitchen. in april 2005 we started the next (last) big project: creating a new driveway in front (or actually back) of our house.

our daughter anniken was born in october 2004, coincidentally at the same time most of the norwegian employees of stocknet terminated their jobs. a good opportunity to spend some time at home with mona and anniken. i got a new job at fast, one of the world leader in enterprise search solutions, in march of 2005. in october 2005 we launched my first fast-project: the norwegian search-engine yelo for findexa. the job at fast didn’t last all that long. in august i started as a senior developer at finntech, which develops (among others) the norwegian classified-site finn.no. in january 2007 my role was re-defined to chief search architect, so i guess my experience at fast came in handy after all.

in october 2008 i started working for the norwegian start-up open adexchange in oslo. the goal was to be a trusted third-party provider of ads for large publishers. although we had lots of good intentions and ideas, and developed quite a bit of nice software we failed to convince investors and new partners, so after almost 3 years the company was sold. just prior to this i returned to finn.no as a technical leader of a small team handling search.

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