Operaen nettsider

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(For English readers: this is a Norwegian blog-post regarding the incredibly awful web-pages of the new Norwegian Opera in Oslo) Dette tema har vært en gjenganger, men de fleste tidligere artikler tar for seg ett (eller noen få) irritasjonsmomenter. Sidene … Continue reading

seq on MAC OS X

I’ve got several scripts that uses ‘seq’ to egenrate a sequence of numbers. This could be backups, looping over files, etc. I’ve also come to like the simplicity of this tool over the years. ‘seq’ is not a part of … Continue reading

SONOS (update/final)

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After a couple of months of thinking, trying, drilling holes in the walls I think I’ve finally reached a near-optimal setup of my SONOS-installation. We now have a totalt of 5 zones, of which 2 are outdoors. Sitting on the … Continue reading

iPod Video

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I finally got a chance to try out my iPod Video on our trip to Italy. It’s really a cool little gadget. I got it from a lot of friends at my 35th surprise-birthday-party in December, but this was the … Continue reading


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Finally: After months of looking at, reading about, wanting (actually desiring) one: I’ve bought a SONOS system. Set up with three zones and a (awesome) controller this is really the audio-system of my dream. Only bad thing to say about … Continue reading

Jo Christian Oterhals’ søkeblogg

A quite good (Norwegian) blog on events and news in the search-world. Focused on Norwegian searches, but comments on international events as well. link update (20060323): This blog has ceased to exist… update (20120821): resurected, mostly with photos from Jo … Continue reading


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The coolest little box ever: NSLU2. A small, cheap, and silent little thing which runs linux. Follow the instruction at NSLU2 to mod it, and you’ve got yourself a web-server, ssh-server, file-server etc also capabel of running mdaap (itunes-server). You … Continue reading