DIY – fixing the gear on a Gaucho Rockin’ Electric kid’s car

Gaucho Rockin' Electric carMy neighbor came over the other day after cleaning out his garage and asked if the kids wanted a Gaucho Rockin’ Electric car. Of course they did.

One small problem however. The gear-shift didn’t work, the build quality was just not very good, and it needed a replacement.

I found a couple of online retailers selling what looked almost what I needed. However they were quite pricey, and I had to wait for overseas postage & handling. I drew up the schematics after having disassembled the gear-shift, and it boiled down to two functionalities:

  • switch between having the 2 engines coupled in parallel or in series to allow for 2 seperate speeds.


  • switch the polarity to allow for reverse gear.

The first part could be handled by a twin SPCO* (nor: dobbel endevender**), the latter by a four-way switch* (nor: kryssvender**). These are the kind of switches you normally use to have a set of switches control a single light-source (the SPCO are at the end of the wiring, the 4-way-switches are between them).

Wiring it all up:

Luckily these were both stock parts at my local DIY-store, Clas Ohlson***, so I went rigth their way and bought one of each. I screwed the switches to a small piece of plywood, which I mounted were the original gear-shift was mounted.

Finally a picture on how it looks:

The original shift didn’t allow for high-speed while dringing in reverse, however the modified version does. I don’t have any problem however seing that this might not be such a good idea :-).

* Wikpedia: switches (english)
** Wikpedia: switches (nor)
*** Clas Ohlson product-page

If you have any ideas on how this could have been done otherwise, don’t hesitate to make a comment of it.

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