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First try at a Greasemonkey-script

Greasemonkey allows you to customize a web-page to get to look and behave the way you want using javascript.

A friend of mine wrote a script transforming the result-page for estates on finn.no a year ago, and I thought it would be fun to write a similar script myself; so I did. It tweaks the results-page from FINN Eiendom by:

  • displaying price pr sqm – uses ‘real’ price – see below
  • scrolling to the results – skipping junk on top
  • hiding broker-names (just clutter)
  • hiding top ad
  • ‘real’ price: changes original price with the sum of original price AND fellesgjeld
  • adding orignal price to owner-info
  • calculating the average price pr sqm and displays this at the top.

to run it:

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