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SONOS (update/final)

After a couple of months of thinking, trying, drilling holes in the walls I think I’ve finally reached a near-optimal setup of my SONOS-installation.

We now have a totalt of 5 zones, of which 2 are outdoors. Sitting on the terrace listening to radio or my favorite record, only to wlak indoors to find the same music being played in the living room is so cool. Listening to something else than Kardemomme by (Norwegian children record, always played in the living room during my son’s waking hours) in the kitchen when cooking food is also somewhat relaxing.

This system is everything I hoped it to be, except of course (and again) for the horrific price.

2 controllers (CR 100)
Zones (ZP100):
-Living room

I’m considering getting a ZP80 in our bedroom to hook up with our Tivoli Audio Model Three.

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